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Good app

The app does everything that it promises. I wish that there was a way to save my audiobooks to iTunes so that I can easily listen on my iPod as well, but I do like that there is a feature that allows you to download the book directly to your phone so that you can listen to it offline.

Present Over Perfect

This book is amazing! It holds up a mirror in which you can really see who you curently are and evaluate how you feel about her. Lots of feelings of "Im so glad Im not the only one" and lots of suggestions that are real and practical to help you stop the chaos and start the peace and joy. I love that I got this book through the audiobooks app and listened to it while I drove to and from work!! I was actually able to get the message of the book (Present) because I didnt hold myself to the standard of the (Perfect) vision of my sitting in my bed reading quietly each night. This app actually helped me put Present over Perfect!!

So good!

I listened to A Game of Thrones, because the i jumped on the band wagon for the show but wanted to see how the book compares. It was great! And such an easy and convenient platform with this app.

Satisfactory experience

As someone who loves to read but is oft burdened with work and responsibilities, theres very little free time for myself, let alone time to sit down and read. Ive began listening to a Game of Thrones on audio; Ive wanted to read the series for a long time now and through the conveniency of this app, I find myself at work able to listen along to the narrator and story. Ive greatly enjoyed my free trial and look forward to becoming a member.

Great quality and selection

Listening to my first book on here and its an amazing simple to use app. Love it.

Love the app

I love the app because Im going into the ninth grade and we had a book to read over the summer, but I was in honors English until I made an 84 so I thought that I didnt have to read the book until I got something in the mail 1 week before school started saying that ALL rising ninth grades was assigned a book to read so I got the app to use the free trial plus a free book and I am already almost with the book in a matter of 5 days so I LOVE AND THANK THIS APP

Easy listening

I listened to my first book on this site and I loved it. The narrator fit the book very well and I enjoyed his inflections. The sound was clear and not distracting. The rewind/skip forward 30 seconds button was extremely convenient and useful. The only thing I would criticize are the pacing options. 1X was good for listening but too sometimes too slow, and 1.25X was too fast for deep understanding or following along with the printed book. Overall I liked it.

Marathon Runner Necessity

This is my first go with audio books as I tend to like holding the book in my hand and have also heard horror stories of certain narrators that are difficult to listen to for 15+ hours. However I am training for a marathon and music/podcasts just werent cutting it for my longer runs. I am very pleased with audiobooks! Not only has it kept me entertained while running, but I also really appreciate the easy to use user experience. It was so quick and easy to find the book I was looking for, download and jump right in. It has also been easy to track where Im at and get back to my spot if I need to stop and come back. I will definitely continue to download books through this app!

Straightforward and Simple

This app is easy to use with great features like the 30 second jump and the bookmark. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks while working around the house and this app makes it easy to do just that.

Good - Could use more controls

The app worked flawlessly on my iPhone 7, the sound quality was great, so overall I was pleased. Like most audiobook apps, I wish there were more controls (e.g. rewind 10, 20 OR 30 seconds rather than choosing just one).

Assassins Apprentice

My phone read this book to me and my family while driving across Alberta and British Columbia. Everyone thought it was great! Had a little issue linking my phone to my trucks entertainment system; but we figured it out...

Where has this been all my life?

Im new to the audio book world and love this app! The selection is vast, the interface is simple and intuitive, and the customer service is top notch. I downloaded the next book in the spy novel series I have been reading--or what I thought was the next--which is The Confessor by Daniel Silva. It turned out not to be the right one, and the staff promptly took care of me. Loving listening to my books!

Great for road trips

I listened to Eldest by Christopher Paolini and it really helped pass the time on my cross country trip!

Great Audiobook app

I have enjoyed my experience using this app. I like how it remembers my place even if I dont book mark it. I do like that it shows the minutes each Chapter starts on as well. I am a contemporary and historical romance fan and just finished the book Rule by Jay Crownover. So far I have been able to find what I was looking for.

Love Audiobooks, App Could Be Better

I enjoyed my Audiobook and think the prices are great. Honestly the app does have a few kinks. When it did work, it worked great - but there were a few times when it would not pause or would turn off for no reason...Hopefully this will be worked out with future updates.


I am currently listening to the GOT series. I listen to it while I am at work which definitely make the day go by faster!


I am reading the sword of Shannara and I am loving it

Great App

This app is much better than audible. I highly recommend it to all my friends and family starting to get into the wonderful world of audiobooks.

Great time saver for people on the go

I love this app! I have been wanting to read Game of Thrones but honestly just dont have enough time in the day. I travel quite a bit every week for work so I thought what a great way to enjoy these books while performing the mundane task of driving several hours to and from work each week. I also find myself getting a few chapters in before bed each night too. I am really glad I got this app.

Great first book

The ease and ability to download the book was my favorite part. Unlike another audiobook provider you have to go to their website. Dont like that! I read Jalen Roses Give the people what they want. Great book! Brought a lot of memories and gave more insight to my all time favorite college player.

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